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Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

Harmonics are AC voltages and currents with frequencies with integral multiples of the fundamental frequency.  Rapid advancement of power electronics in the industrial applications makes industrial load non linear which generates harmonics. Since the load is non linear.  The current will be destroyed and become  non-sinusoidal.  Harmonics arise  from inverters, VFDs, rectifiers, voltage controllers, frequency controllers and other semi conductor switching devices generators, transformers, welders and are furnaces.

SMART ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS (SEE) offers harmonic study analysis as prevent you maintenance to  safe gourd electrical and electronic equipments from damage due to rising harmonic levels.


  • Engineer’s undergone power quality training organized by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).
  • Interpretation of results based on international guidelines & good engineering practices.
  • Rich experience in carrying out the study for industries, manufacturing units and also service sector.

System studies offered

  • Short circuit study
  • Load flow and power factor study
  • Arc-flash hazard analysis
  • Protective device
  • Coordination study

Our Process in Harmonic Analysis

01-h-a    02-h-a-graph    03-test-voltage    04-power-analyser