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About us

About us

Big enough to get the job done, small enough to provide the service you deserve


Smart Electrical Engineering is built on the foundation of trust.  We have handled with distinction projects of every type and size from less efficient retrofitting jobs to highly efficient major construction assignments. There isn’t any job in the region that is too big or too challenging for our people.  Our partners and our tall complement of equipment’s.

Financial Strength

When you select an electrical contractor, you also need to be comfortable with the financial strength of the company in which you entrust your projects.  While smart engineering is privately owned, we are opened to sharing our financial stability with the companies who choose to put their trust on us.

Valuable Resources

Fully staffed and equipped companies need the resources of a comprehensive team of players.  It’s only through our partnership with other reliable and complementary companies that a reading electrical contractor like smart electrical engineering can reach our full potential and in turned be a valuable resource for you.  We are proud to have established strong, long lasting relationship with some of the most reliable names in industry.

Experience and Leadership

Smart electrical engineering is equipped with the most capable project managers in the industry.  These are men and women who have honed their skills through years with hands of experience.

Each project manager is a specialist in his or her own fields.  For example smart electrical engineering is now a regional electrical contracting leader for power generation and transmission industry there is no room for error.  Whether it means installing high voltage switchgear or sophisticated electrical systems the job has to be done right on right time.